April 18, 2007

Gone Fishin'?

Jesus had no concept of line fishing, the way most of us grew up being taught how to fish. You know, where you take a pole, a line, and some bait in order to catch a particular kind of fish. This idea of fishing would make no sense to the fishermen of Jesus' day. Why? Because they used nets and any fish that happened to jump into the net was exactly the kind of fish they were fishing for. Doesn't this give Jesus' words more weight when he says, "I will make you fishers of men"...using nets, not poles! Too often those of us in church "fish" with a particular kind of person in mind, we use a certain kind of "bait" and if we don't catch the right kind of person for our church, we throw them back. That is not the kind of "fishermen" Jesus intended you and I to be, not even close! He desires for us to cast our nets out into the world and bring into the boat anyone that is willing to come, even if they are different than us. Jesus never threw anyone back. So what type of "fishermen" or maybe better said, disciple, are you? Are you casting your net of love, hope and forgiveness into a world that desperately needs to be found in its grasp willing to keep whoever you might find in it? See the great thing about it; Jesus tells us to catch the fish, He doesn't say we have to clean them because He will take care of the mess...


Joanna said...

Matt, I'm so impressed.

What a beautiful insight into a passage I'd rarely thought about.

If only more Christains would allow the net of their witnessing to be cast widely, and leave the clean-up (judgement) where it belongs, in God's hands.

Christianity is based in love and forgiveness, as well as faith.

Funny to hear from me, huh? Never know who's reading!

Joanna Schroeder