June 20, 2007

Si Se Puede

I just recently got back from my 5th visit to the beautiful country of Ecuador. There is something about that place that brings me back over and over again. It really has some of the most impressive displays of nature I have ever seen but even more than that the people of Ecuador are a beautiful people. Some of the most generous people I have ever encountered but they are also a people that are very passionate about their country and their land.

I had the honor of leading a great group of 9 high school students along with 3 great leaders on a trip that challenged our worldview and what it means to be a member of God's Kingdom, which is actually MUCH larger than the U.S.

This trip gave us the opportunity to experience Ecuadorian culture as well as work alongside Ecuadorians to better their community through the rehab and painting of a community center as well as a pre-school.

I have no doubt that this trip reminded each of us that the world is a pretty big place but God is bigger still.


Anonymous said...

matt- I think it's so great that you're blogging and willing to hang this off the church site. Keep it up. You're good. It takes a while to build up traffic so please don't stop. Thanks for doing what you do.

Matt said...

well thanks! and thanks for reading