July 22, 2008

Self Pruning

Jesus talks about coming not to bring peace but a sword. Could it be possible that the sword that Jesus is talking about has more to do with the battle that we must fight inside ourselves rather than against those who would discount Christianity? Maybe the sword looks more like a pair of pruning shears. The battle that happens inside each of us begins when we determine to strip ourselves down to simply ourselves…getting rid of all the things our friends think of us, of all the things we think of ourselves and hand our naked selves over to God. I think the sword that Jesus talks about is used to divide ourselves, not each other.


alison said...

sweet analogy. i never thought of it that way before, but i really like your interpretation.

("really" would be in italics if i knew how to do cool things like that.)

Matt said...

alison: thanks for the read and thanks for sharing your encouragement. (italics were used just to rub it in)