December 18, 2009

'Outside the Walls'

Be on the lookout for Outside the Walls, an online place designed for study & discussion to start in the next couple weeks. The purpose is to create connection and conversation around the study of Scripture and other relevant topics that impact our faith outside the physical walls of our churches. Right now it looks like studies/discussions will be Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings starting around 7 or 7:30pm EST.

Please drop a comment w/your feedback concerning topics for study & discussion, suggestions for days & times, and any other ideas or suggestions you might have. I would also be curious to know how many, if any of you might be interested in something like this or plan on joining us. Hope to see you there in a couple weeks.


Jeremy R said...

this sounds cool. are you hosting this?

Matt Lipan said...

Jeremy R: hey! yeah, i'm going to start it and see where it goes. not sure exactly how it will play out. if you would ever be interested in leading a study sometime let me know.