December 1, 2010

24hrs of Fatherhood

Some of you might be aware that my son, Theodore James Lipan, was born yesterday (11/30) at exactly 5:56pm. He weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 19 3/4" long. He has been "out and about" for over 24hrs now and here's a couple things I've learned so far...

-A clean, dry diaper can make all the difference

-Eating, sleeping, and getting cleaned is not a bad way to spend 24hrs

-Sleep is a hot commodity

-The birthing process is truly a miracle

-The level of sensitivity to sounds increases 100 fold

-Breasts are well designed and quite utilitarian

-Swaddling a newborn is truly an art

-Despite their size, newborns can EAT A LOT

I'm looking forward to much more that Theo is going to teach me in the many days to come. What things have you learned from parenthood?


Holly Anderson said...

For your own sake (and because I don't want to scare you), I will only tell you five things I have learned 20 years and three boys into parenting. Besides, I believe things stick better when you've learned them the hard way. =)

1. If you have a dog, never leave it to chance that the dog and a dirty diaper might meet. He will love it, you will not. And the image will be burned in your brain for eternity.

2. Never think you are above apologizing to your children because you are the parent. It does not mean you are weak or are submitting to them; it means you are humble and it shows them that adults make mistakes and must take responsibility just like we are teaching them to. Leading by example has more impact than 18 years of lectures.

3. You can be the best parent in the universe, teach all the right things, have just the right balance between love and discipline, even be an expert with a lot of letters behind your title - and your child will still behave in ways that may baffle you, frustrate you, enrage you, and make you question the very core of every single thing you've taught them since the day he was born. This is not a reflection of you. It is a reflection of the fact that God knitted each of us together differently and gave each of us free will. Do your best every day with Christ at your back, and you've done your part.

4. Failing teaches a child to get up and try again. Losing teaches a child to cope with disappointment. Working out arguments on their own teaches children to see the other side and problem-solve. Shielding your child from these things hoping to protect them teaches them nothing.

5. Never forget that you are raising someone else's husband.