September 22, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now?

I read this quote the other day

We listen foremost in order to hear the other into speech...
Lately I've been trying it, listening others into talking. Not only have individuals begun to talk but they open up to the point of truly sharing. It has been fascinating. Perhaps you and I could be a little quicker to listen and a lot slower to speak?


Louis said...

Good quote, difficult truth. Over the past two weeks I've realized how important listening is, especially to other believers. I had two guys (one who I'm good friends with, and the other who is more of an acquaintance) open up about some difficulties going on in their lives. I was convicted about not listening enough to people, but also thankful God gave me these divine appointments to demonstrate my love to my brothers Christ. If you ask a genuine question to someone, wanting to know their response, you'd be surprised what you'll hear.

Matt Lipan said...

Louis: thanks for the read and comment.

it is tough isn't it? i think you make a good point about being genuine in our listening. people want to share their story, if we just give them a chance to open up.

thanks for sharing.