August 28, 2012

Dallas Cowboys & Discipleship

The Dallas Cowboys have a wide receiver on their team by the name of Dez Bryant. Mr. Bryant has recently run into some issues away from the football field, which has caused his NFL team to do something I found not only interesting but perhaps something the Church could learn from. You can read more specifics here.

I appreciated hearing the Cowboys say they cared about Mr. Bryant as a player and a person. They even mentioned their desire to help him and his family. The key, they said, would be accountability. They recognized it was not fair to expect Mr. Bryant to do it on his own, so they stepped in to offer support. This is a commitment of time, energy, and resources on behalf of his team.

It seems as though it might not be much different when it comes to discipleship. The Church cannot expect individuals to “do discipleship” on their own without being willing to commit time, energy, and resources. If an NFL team can do it, why can’t we?


Rusty Voss said...

There's one big difference that needs to be brought up about this though. Dez Bryant is an incredibly talented wide receiver. Would the Cowboys be doing this for anyone else on their roster? My guess is if a third string o-lineman kept getting in trouble like DB then they would be unemployed. The church can't operate like that. In the church the value of one person is the value of every person. If we are willing to go to these lengths for one person we must also be willing to go to these links for everyone, with no exceptions.