July 21, 2010

Forgive & Forget



I'm not talking about forgiving someone else. I'm wondering if you need to forgive yourself....and then FORGET?

Paul was a guy who had a lot of things in his past, both good and bad, that he needed to forget about so he could move on. There may be good things you have done in the past that you hold onto, like a badge declaring worth or perhaps a couple bad things that serve as perpetual reminders of how awful a person you are. Whether good or bad, these things keep you from pressing forward. They chain you to the past making it easy to miss how God wants to meet you in the present. Part of what allows you to move on, to press forward, is to stop focusing on the past and strain toward what is ahead, as Paul writes in Philippians 3:12-14.

So, if God have forgiven you and moved on, why haven't you?


Meg B said...

Amen :)

Andrew Conard said...

Matt - Thank you for the potent reminder.