November 5, 2007

The Craziness of it All

I'm sure there have been times in your life when things have seemed out of control. Not only do you have "too many irons in the fire" but the fire is on its way to consuming you. This craziness in your life has left you swirling to the point of being dizzy with stress, worry, doubt and little if any time to recover your footing. Why is it, in these moments (or maybe I should say days or even weeks) of pressure and desperation when our faith is needed most, do we lose it in our to-do lists? Do we get so caught-up in where we have to go or who we have to be that we leave our faith behind?

Now, it would seem to me that one's faith would be the very thing needed to help get a handle on the craziness of it all. Faith that I'm not the one in charge and don't have to be. This is huge because it relieves the pressure of always having to have an answer or understand why life can get so crazy. Faith is that thing that says there is something to be found and even gained in surviving through the craziness we may find ourselves in at times. It's not so much the ups and downs, ins and outs, overs and unders that life can throw at us that are so crazy but when we fail to bring our faith with us through it all, now that's crazy!