March 5, 2008

My Psychological Aptitude

I'm not even sure I know exactly what that means but I spent 5hrs taking various tests downtown today as I'm working through the process to get my license as a local pastor. Sitting in a narrow room with my no.2 pencil and the 10 different tests I had to take starting at 9am and finishing at 3pm, with a short break for lunch, I was fascinated by how they can use true/false questions (mind you, 586 of them just on that 1 test) like, "I would like to be a dancer." to figure out whether or not I might be a good pastor. While it seemed like I answered the same question about being afraid of the dark 7 to 8 times, I am still amazed that they can take some seemingly pointless questions and use them to evaluate my mental state.

I guess I was reminded at how incredible the brain really is. This is not really my field of expertise but the way personality, questions and answers, reactions and responses all work together truly is remarkable. Kind of like if you have ever taken a Myers Briggs test or something similar to that answering what seem like arbitrary questions only to see the results nail your personality almost to a "T". I have an interview in April to interpret the results, I'll be sure to let you know if they come close to me or not.


Holly said...


i have a degree in this and i still don't get it.

myers briggs and a #2 pencil don't even come close to telling about who you are.

you will be an incredible, pastor!!

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree, those test are boring and aren't very accurate. I think those tests, if they are %100 accurate, take the fun out of finding a profession. There isn't any trial and error involved.

Would you take a test to see who you are going to marry? In my opinion the answer to that test could make some people go crazy.

Matt said...

thanks for the read and the encouraging words!

man, i never thought about a "who should i marry" test. how crazy would it be to take a test and it tell you who you should marry? yeah, and what if the "answer" was wrong? i bet there would be some crazy lawsuits as a result, not to mention the crazy people you already talked about.

Neal Hennessy said...

dude that sounds like a terrible day