September 1, 2009

rethink: Evangelism

rethink evangelism

I know that the thought, idea or even the word “evangelism” can freak people out, that’s why I’m suggesting we need to rethink:evangelism. If evangelism is something missionaries do in a far off land amongst an indigenous people group OR the crazy guy on the corner that yells at you when you walk by then take a moment to rethink it.

The idea behind evangelism is simply to proclaim some good news and after we took some time to rethink: Church and rethink: Grace we quickly realized we have some good news to share with people. When we look at the difference Jesus and His grace has made in our own lives and can make in the lives of others, we have to share this good news. This is good news for people who are broken, lonely, wounded, guilty, afraid, questioning, doubting or confused. This is news for all of us to share. News we must share.

So many of us think to ourselves that we are not good at evangelism, that we don’t know what to say or when to say it. What if we rethink:evangelism not in terms of the words we use but rather in the way we live our lives? The things we do, the way we interact with people, our actions and reactions, these become the way in which we proclaim the good news of Jesus. The greatest evangelism tool you have is your own life and the ways in which Jesus has changed you. Allow the transformation Jesus’ grace has brought about in your life speak to the transformation it can bring to the lives of others.

“Preach the Gospel always, if necessary use words.”

~Saint Francis of Assisi