November 30, 2009

The Perfect Spot

We're in full holiday season swing which, if you attend a church, can mean two things (of course many more but I just want to highlight these two to make a point):

1. More than likely your church will see an increase in the number of first-time visitors on Sunday mornings. The Christmas season, like no other time during the year (minus Easter maybe) turns peoples' attention toward spiritual things. A lot of these people have no idea exactly what they mean when they think "spiritual" but if they haven't been misled by Oprah they might actually end-up at your church, so be ready!

2. Part of being ready for first-time visitors is NOT taking the BEST and CLOSEST parking spots in the church parking lot. What a simple and yet profound way to show your visitors hospitality. If you are physically able to park "far" away, you should seriously consider doing so during the Christmas season. What better time of year to do a simple thing that can make a HUGE difference for that single mom visiting your church for the first time who is trying to keep track of her kids. To think that her worry of them getting hit in the church parking lot could be that much less because she is that much closer to the door. HUGE! Do not underestimate the message this can send to your local community and guests that not only do you have a spot for them in the parking lot but in the church family as well. I know winter is cold but so is a church that doesn't have a place for visitors.


emily said...

This past Sunday I parked in the back lot and was treated to great conversation with another member of the church on the walk back to our cars. What a great opportunity to meet someone new and leave the closer spots for those who need them. I do wonder what life would be like if we (myself definitely included!) took advantage of these small acts of hospitality and kindness more often... and stopped to realize the impact these "small" things can have on the lives of others.

laceface said...

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Matt Lipan said...

emily: thanks for the read and comment.

what a great story! crazy to think about what might happen or what we might notice around us if we took the time to do some of these simple things. thanks for sharing!

laceface: ha, thanks!