April 12, 2010

Facebook Purgatory

Be honest, if you use Facebook, you have certainly left things in what is called "Facebook Purgatory". The page where an invite to a certain event shows up, a friend request or suggestion you don't know what to do with, or that page suggestion that ends up sitting there for days, weeks and beyond. That is "Facebook Purgatory".

You know when you get that suggestion or request and aren't sure what to do with it, you don't want to say 'No' because that seems mean and yet you're not really willing to say 'Yes'. You tell yourself you'll come back to it tomorrow thinking that maybe something will have changed and your response will become much clearer. Next thing you know this suggestion or request has been sitting there for weeks with no response, just waiting.

So I'm curious, do you keep a "Facebook Purgatory"? How long do you typically leave requests, suggestions, invites, etc. hang in limbo?

P.S. - Feel free to add me...if you dare.


David T said...

I often leave events in purgatory until I know if I'll be attending. Friend requests are a different matter; I'll leave them in purgatory only if I'm trying to confirm their account off-channel (i.e. if I'm not sure the account is owned by the person whose name exists on the account). Otherwise, it's confirm or ignore.
My work friends have mostly learned that I don't befriend them on social networking sites, and since I only befriend actual friends (or occasionally their S.O.'s), it's easy to verify an identity. Since I never "fan" anything or add applications, they're an easy "ignore" too.

Kathy said...

Nope, if I'm not interested I just hit "ignore" right away, but I have issues with leaving unfinished business.

Steven Shattuck said...

My notifications area is always clear and clean, due to my OCD. If I don't commit (or say no) to attend or fan something immediately, I always hit "maybe" rather than "ignore."

Matt Lipan said...

David T: thanks for the read and comment. sounds pretty cut & dry for you. i bet your "purgatory" list is pretty short. nice and easy.

Kathy: thanks for the read and comment. again, pretty straight forward. the "unfinished business" part is pretty funny. it doesn't seem to bother me to let things like this hang there for me.

Steven Shattuck: thanks for the read and comment. you just barely made it off my "purgatory" list...j/k! i certainly have some OCD tendencies but for whatever reason, Facebook seems to be exempt from them.

Patrick said...

Surprisingly, I am the worst at responding to messages in Facebook. They will often sit unread for days/weeks, because I view this as a secondary source of contact - email is primary. I usually respond to friend requests pretty quick - it's easy enough to confirm I know them. I may hesitate on event requests just to make sure it's possible for me to attend. Cause request and fan pages will get ignored if I'm not interested.

Matt Lipan said...

Patrick: thanks for the read and comment.

i know what you mean about having some facebook things sitting for a couple days. i pay attention to facebook status updates through tweetdeck but actually log into facebook every couple of days. i think i need to start being a little more liberal with the 'ignore' button.