April 18, 2010

"Making the Resurrection Personal"

This is the outline from this morning's (4/18) sermon I preached at our Castleton campus. Comments and questions are welcome.

"Making the Resurrection Personal"
John 21:15-22

These are a couple ways in which I see Jesus making his Resurrection extremely personal in this passage for Peter (and really, for you and me as well).

1. Jesus covers over the past.
-Past rejections (John 18:15-18, 25-27)
-What Christ bore on the cross was not only Peter’s rejection of him, but yours and mine as well

-We call this forgiveness

2. Jesus reestablishes the relationship.
-Jesus uses the word agape 2x, phileo 1x. Peter responds with phileo 3x
-Jesus does this because we’re reminded of what Peter said a few weeks before this breakfast on the shore (Mark 14:29-31)

-We call this redemption, the idea that Christ has “put off” our guilt and shame
-Is it possible that Peter needed to be reminded of the weight of redemption?
-Humility precedes redemption in that we must be humble to recognize our need to be redeemed

3. Jesus renews the call.
-With 2 simple words, “Follow Me”, Jesus restores Peter
-This is God telling us that he hasn’t changed his mind

-Purpose with action…notice that Jesus follows Peter's responses with action words: "feed", "take care of"
-Sheep are the perfect analogy for us because sheep are dumb, and we do dumb things all the time
-Our response to loving Christ means we need shepherds and other sheep to keep us from doing dumb things

-Response brings connection
-The Resurrection is Christ letting you know that he wants to use you, yes, even you…