September 25, 2012

Wesley Sermon Chat

I am getting ready to host the second round of #jwchat, an opportunity to come together as a Twitter community to discuss John Wesley's sermons. Here are some details...

-Our Twitter chat will take place each Thursday night at 9:00pm EST starting on Sept. 27th.
-We will use the hashtag #jwchat for our Twitter conversations.
-We will read and discuss 8 of Wesley's sermons over an 8 week period, reading & discussing one sermon a week. You can find them online here and here. Here is our reading schedule: 

  • On Sin in Believers (#13) (9/27)
  • The Means of Grace (#16) (10/4)
  • Catholic Spirit (#39) (10/11)
  • Christian Perfection (#40) (10/18)
  • Of Hell (#73) (10/25)
  • On Family Religion (#94) (11/1)
  • On Riches (#108) (11/8)
  • On Love (#139) (11/15)
-We will use these 3 questions to guide our discussions each Thursday:
  • If you were to preach this sermon in 140 characters, what would it be?
  • How did you hear God speaking to you through this sermon?
  • What did you discover that is most relevant to your community?
Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or plan to join us.