October 22, 2012

Split Talk

There has been a lot of talk lately about The United Methodist Church splitting primarily over the issue of homosexuality. I wrote this post in July discussing one possible outcome.

With all of the renewed conversation around this topic, I'm starting to feel like a jerk because it feels less and less likely that both "sides" will be able to make it work, and that isn't bothering me. The arguing, hurt, pain, and divisiveness bother me, but the possible outcomes not so much. Like so many other things within our denomination, the need to trust in God's presence and plan are even more apparent.

Where do you find yourself? How do you see The United Methodist Church moving forward? How do you hope it moves forward?


Suzanne Cherry said...

It saddens me to think that this church should split. However, we know that Methodism has gone through many splits, even in the Wesley's time. We have to step back and let the Holy Spirit lead the church to wherever it is going. Individually, I think we need to do our best to do the work of Christ and the church using the gifts we have, and let God take care of the big stuff.

PJ Zeilstra said...

Any kind of split in Christianity should be concerning. I know that God's agenda will be carried out no matter what happens, but when Church splits, it doesn't seem like a good thing. If it is over a minor thing, like classic hymns or contemporary music, it just makes the Church look foolish to unchurched. This type of split does not really have to do with docterine and both sides can be right.
The problem with an issue with homosexuality is that I don't think that both sides can be right. Either homosexuality is ok and we should accept it as a Church, or it is not ok and people who live a homosexual lifestyle are living in unrepentant sin and face an eternity in hell. I am not saying that homosexuality is a worse sin than any sin I commit. The problem is that if it is a sin and the Church is not united on this, then there are people who will think that they can live this lifestyle and still go to heaven. The issue is bigger than just whether any denomonation splits. The issue is that the people who are on the wrong side of the split (if there is one) have made a decision that will impact their eternal lives.

To answer your question, you shouldn't feel like a jerk that you don't feel bad that the denomonation is splitting, in the long run, denominations are just creations of man and are flawed.

We should all feel bad that Satan will be making headway on some people's souls if we do not take a stand and help each other to realize our sins, no matter what they are, so that we can repent and accept God's gift of grace and forgiveness.