February 6, 2013

Fruitful Congregations Journey: Part 3

Moving into Phase 2 of the Fruitful Congregations Journey found our church preparing for the consultation weekend which took place on January 18-20. Leading up to this weekend included doing the following:

-The creation of a Prayer Team. 

-Completing a Self-Study which involved background information on history of the church, staff, facilities, worship schedule, small groups, member statistics, finances, community demographics, and leadership development.

-Ask the congregation to take an online survey. (We had approximately 208 surveys completed)

-Complete a Readiness Test.

-Have the pastors complete a DISC Inventory.

Once the consultation weekend arrived, we had staff interviews conducted throughout the day on Friday, scheduled 3 focus groups for Friday evening, an all-day staff and leadership workshop on Saturday, and had guest preachers for Sunday worship. Following the worship services on Sunday, the lead consultant read us the report from the consultation weekend. I will share the contents of that report in my next post.