October 30, 2008

And Your Vote Goes To....??

Election day is only days away and some of you may have already voted but I thought I would take a little poll of 'A Journeyman's Catalog' readers to see who you are voting for and why or if you are undecided at this point, which way are you leaning or why still undecided.

I recognize that some of you may not want to share this information and I respect that so for those individuals might I suggest leaving an anonymous comment with your choice. It is simply the curiosity of the politics of those that read this blog that make me ask this question, not to mention I think it could be kind of fun to see what kind of response we get and the conversations that might follow. Feel free to get it started or keep it going.


Anonymous said...

Obama. No question.

Anonymous said...

The short version: Obama
The long version:
I will vote Obama because he is an intelligent, respectable leader capable of inspiring people and accomplishing what needs to be done. His “spread the wealth” comment has been grossly misconstrued and used to promote the misguided notion of socialism by his opposition. I do not support the Robin Hood method or welfare for lazy or undeserving people, nor do I support corporate welfare or welfare for the rich, as the Bush regime has established. During these years, the middle class has shrunk and the gap between rich and poor has widened. What I do support is a conscientious use of tax money that is obtained fairly from all citizens. I support upholding our country’s reputation and respecting the brave men and women who enter the military to defend and protect our great country by not placing them in harm’s way unless it’s for a necessary, honorable cause. I believe we owe them better treatment. I also think it’s a crime the way McCain and Palin view women’s health and rights. I believe NCLB has been the worst thing to happen to education and won’t be fixed by use of publicly funded vouchers for private (including religious-based) schools. My views on a variety of issues most closely match Obama, so, while I was and still am a Clinton supporter, I will be voting for Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

I my be accused of being simple minded, but I will continue to vote for the party that will stand up for the unborn. McCain may not be my first choice, but I would rather a principled man that states what he believes. I'll vote for the dog in the fight that believes America is the best and brightest in the world and a land of opportunity not social handouts. Obama promises ideals but cannot deliver a chicken in every pot.

Anonymous said...

But who will stand up for the children already born?

Matt said...

i want to say 'thanks' to everyone that has commented so far, thanks for being willing to share something that to a lot of people is pretty personal. we all look forward to more comments and conversation which is a freedom we shouldn't take for granted, regardless of who gets our vote.

keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous #3 (10/31, at 3:22),

I am definitely not one to argue about politics, as I believe everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion (and, especially at this point in the election, I know arguing with someone most likely will not change who they vote for). That aside, I find your comment about voting for whomever thinks "America is the best" very troubling. I don't feel this way because I think another candidate has a better grasp on this "concept" of America's supposed "superiority;" rather, I believe that stating that America is "the best" is extremely ethnocentric and won't get us anywhere in the long run. I mean, do we really want other countries to respect us out of fear rather than out of a real, genuine feeling of respect?

I just returned from an International Leadership Conference, so I am more aware than ever of the necessity of working together with people of different cultures, both at home and abroad.

I could speak on the abortion issue as well, but since this conversation on Matt's blog is about politics, rather than about what women decide to do with their bodies, it doesn't seem (to me) like abortion fits in anywhere. =) But, once again, I'm not trying to change your beliefs and I don't judge you for feeling the way you do, just as I hope you would never judge a woman who has had made the decision to have an abortion.

Anonymous said...

very interesting....I truly hope everyone has done their research. Obama definitely is a smooth talker, and thats not meant in a bad way. However we should all question his "connections" and maybe wonder where all the money for his campaign came from. He was the one who could afford a 30 minute infomercial. I must wonder just how much of HIS own money is he willing to "spread" to the less fortunate, which will include the lazy undeserving people some speak of. Regardless of who wins, there are going to be some big changes coming. Will we be ready??

Neal Hennessy said...

Obama for a laundry list of reasons.
1. Energy policy. "Drill baby drill" is the most short sighted policy I have ever heard. Americans can keep digging for more oil, or they can decide that this resource will run out and it's time to find an alternative. And no this will not lower gas prices. The refining capacity in America will remain the same regardless of how much oil is flowing into the country. therefore the supply of GASOLINE remains constant. Barack Obama proposes 15 billion dollars a year for research into clean and renewable energies that HAVE to be developed if the world is to continue as we know it. For those of you who still believe drilling is the answer think of your children and grandchildren. Do you really want them to be fighting wars for energy in the future?!? I want a permanent solution to the energy problem and not a temporary fix (Note I didn't cite the environment.)
2. Medicare. For those who still don't understand. Obama does not support a government run medicare system. Obama simply wants all Americans to have access to the medicare system. He believes no one should be "priced out" of having medical care. If you can't bring yourself to believe that all your fellow americans deserve medical care then you are too republican for me and can stop reading now.
3. The Mccain Campaign. This campaign has tried so hard to distract everyone from the issues at hand that it's becoming pathetic.
4. Socialism. Socialism is a 700 billion handout to corporate america. Strangely we heard no cries of socialism when it was the rich getting bailed out. but when poor americans who are struggling to get by are offered help everyone freaks out.
5. Sarah Palin. enough said.
6. Global perception. If we elect John Mccain we send a message that we agree with the past eight years. Barack stands for unity, Mccain and other GOP members stand for division. Us against them. The attitude that has earned us the disdain of the rest of the world. If you are completely ignorant obama would probably garner 90% of the world vote.
7.Taxes. In the past eight years the gap between the rich and the poor has grown considerably. The middle class is shrinking. Prosperity does not trickle down. It comes from the bottom up. The bush tax cuts do nothing for a vast majority of Americans. It's time for a change that favors americans who need help, not the rich.

I could go on but i've got class, but I love discussing this stuff so reply to me or hit me up on email nhenness@butler.edu.

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