January 14, 2009

When is Enough Enough?

The war in Gaza has to stop! It is getting sickening hearing the reports of Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip over the past couple weeks and the relative silence from the international community. I know that various international organizations are calling for an immediate ceasefire but refuse to put any "teeth" behind these calls for peace and so the result of these calls has been nothing. In fact, Israel has actually "stepped up" their assault into Gaza which has caused more than 1,000 deaths, over half of which have been civilians.

I understand that we are about to witness two history making administrations enter and leave the office of president but can we continue to sit in silence as a country, blindly (in my opinion) giving our support to any action that Israel feels they need or want to take? Of course I know there are various views on this sensitive subject but at what point is enough enough? I have no doubt that there is a lot of information that I am not aware of concerning this conflict between Israel and Palestine, is there enough for me to keep from describing Israel's actions as 'excessive force', not sure. I can't help but think about the story of a young shepherd boy who faced off against a giant, armor covered warrior carrying a spear, sword and shield...which is somewhat ironic since most Israelis would know this story quite well. What's sad is that the young boy in our story today doesn't stand a chance.


Anonymous said...

We just had this conversation on Wed evening at home. What's happening there? Why do we continue to support the Israelis by giving them weapons and billions of dollars?

A couple of ideas . . .
1. Educate Americans in a meaningful way so that we can weigh in on the subject with our government.
2. Pray! Quite possibly only God has enough power to stop this nonsense right now. Let's try to get everyone we know to pray and help them understand how to pray for the end to this sickening hatred to end.

Matt said...

anonymous: thanks for the read and comment. i hope and pray that it becomes a more frequent conversation amongst family, friends and our government. i think you said it well, it comes down to education and most importantly prayer. thankfully we serve a pretty big God.