April 15, 2009


As I'm sure you've noticed, I've started Twitter-ing and was wondering what you thought of Twitter in general.

What do you think of it?

Do you like it? Why or why not?

Do you Twitter?


Joe said...

Twitter gives me the creeps. I think it makes us think we are way more important that we really are. Like everyone needs to know what we are doing and thinking every minute of our life. Kind of like these blogs that we both do haha. Seems like our personal lives are slowly eroding away. Some people's twitter accounts are alright, some tell way too much about themselves. I think its alright as long as people aren't overstepping on what should be kept personal and not.

Matt Lipan said...

Joe: thanks for the read and comment. i can certainly see where you are coming from. there are definitely times when people share too much information, whether on a blog or twitter, and then it just gets awkward.

Joe said...

One more comment on this...

I was just watching Fox News and they had a report about a woman who was thinking about attempting suicide. This woman decided to reach out to Demi Moore on twitter for help. Two different people, a man and a woman, saw this and decided to take it upon themselves to help this woman. Demi Moore later left her a message. The woman was saved from suicide.

This seems crazy. Demi Moore twitters about herself and her every move leading one woman to feel so close to Moore that she reaches out to her in her most desperate moment. Luckily someone saw it and saved this woman. I mean, the chances of Demi Moore ever seeing that post or responding to it are like 1 in a billion. Just thought I'd share this on your Twitter blog.

Matt Lipan said...

Joe: what an interesting story. i hadn't heard that about Demi but i did see something about her boy challenging CNN to a Twitter popularity contest (or something like that). i didn't pay much attention but thought it was kind of funny.

Twitter saving people from suicide...who would have ever thought. are we adapting to technology or is it becoming a sorry replacement of community?