February 15, 2010

What's Cooking?

I was reading through the Gospel of Matthew the other day and something jumped out at me as I was reading about Jesus feeding the 5,000 (14:13-21). I have read this story countless times and for whatever reason Jesus' words in verse 16 hit me, "Jesus replied, "They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat [emphasis mine]."

Jesus is telling you and I to give people something worth sticking around for and I LOVE IT! What might be even more powerful is that because of what the Holy Spirit has done and continues to do in and through you and me, we actually have something worth sharing.

One of the questions then becomes what are we giving people to "eat"? Is the way we treat people providing for their spiritual nourishment? Are the words we use giving people a "taste" of Christ? Do our attitudes show that we have sustenance that comes from somewhere other than how much we make, the size of our house, what kind of car we drive or the degree mounted on the wall?

The other question to ask ourselves is what types of things are we "feeding" on? In what ways are you and I feeding our souls? Do we seek True nourishment or are we getting sick on the "junk food" of our culture?

Jesus says to give them something to eat....so it seems only appropriate to ask, what's cooking?