June 30, 2009

6 Questions for The United Methodist Church

A large group of young clergy (under 35) have begun a campaign to ask 6 questions of the UMC in order to raise important issues about the next steps of the denomination, provide guidance for the future and shape the denomination (www.umcyoungclergy.com/6qumc, Twitter hash tag #6qumc). These questions are not just to be asked or answered by young clergy but rather is an attempt to generate conversation around the fact that the UMC denomination desperately needs young clergy if it is going to survive.

There is an online forum where you can vote on the questions being asked or even submit your own question to be voted on. A couple of the questions that I have liked so far are:

-In the Pastor of a Local Church section: "Does the gospel you preach naturally lead others to follow Jesus?"

-In the Pastor of a Local Church section: "Do you, as pastor, lead the church or just seek to maintain it?"

-In the District Superintendent section: "When recommending an appointment do you consider the non-ordained staff in the church profile? Why or Why not?"

-In the District Superintendent section: "In what ways are you using technology to communicate and be in community with the pastors in your district?"

-In the Board of Ordained Ministry: "What are we doing to help local churches and district boards better discern whether a candidate has the gifts for ordained ministry within the United Methodist Church before that candidate has made a significant investment of time and treasure?"

So I'm working on a couple questions of my own to ask but I'll let you know how that goes. If you have any questions you want to ask or think I should ask or want to ask me just let me know.