June 7, 2009

Whitewater River

I had the opportunity to go on an overnight kayaking/camping trip with 4 guys who were in my youth group back in the day and are now college students. We drove to Brookville, IN and put in on the Whitewater River with 2 canoes, 1 kayak and all our gear split between the 2 canoes. We left around noon and paddled for about 14 miles and about 4hrs before we finally found the perfect campsite on an island around the bend in the river. The weather was perfect for paddling and sleeping, if you brought a sleeping bag, which 2 of the guys didn't for some reason...unfortunate since it dropped into the 40's. After a decent night's sleep, we paddled for another 5 miles or so and got picked up around 11 the next morning. Here are some pics I took with my iPhone.

Overall it was a great trip. A couple highlights were:
- Seeing a bald eagle both days and having it fly with us along the river for the majority of the morning.
- Watching one of the guys make multiple attempts at putting in his contacts in the morning. I have never seen someone use so much solution, to the point where he kept knocking it off his finger into the dirt and would then start the process all over again.
- The weather. I'm really not exagerating when I say it was absolutely perfect. Warm during the day but not hot, a nice breeze and not a cloud in the sky.
- The chance to hang out with some pretty cool guys and share some youth group memories.