June 15, 2009

Church History I

I find myself again at the beginning of a summer of classes. For those of you that a) don't know b) don't remember or c) don't care I am and have been (for half of my life it seems like) working on my Masters of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. I will be taking a total of 3 week-long intensive classes this summer, one in June, July (Technology in Ministry) and August (Church History II) with my first one starting today. I have finished my first day of Church History I and have to admit that I kind of like it up to this point. I think the combination of what seems like a good professor and my overall nerdiness makes liking a class about church history a possibility for me. So if you see me blogging or tweeting about random church history facts, you know why.

Anyways, as I was sitting in class today diligently taking notes I found myself thinking about something our prof said, "we are writing church history." This statement blew me away and humbled me all at once. The thought that what we are doing and not doing right now in the life of the Church is making history is kind of scary as well as exciting. I couldn't help but think how sweet it could be to be involved in some sort of great new chapter in the life and history of the Christian Church. What a huge responsibility and privilage. Thankfully we're not left to do this on our own, the Holy Spirit has been actively involved in the story of the Church throughout the centuries and I have no reason to think that is going to stop any time soon. Good thing because if it were left up to us, I have no doubt we would find a way to destroy it pretty quick.