January 23, 2012

A Chance for Change?

2012 proves to be a significant year in the life of The United Methodist Church. Every four years delegates from all over the world meet at General Conference (#gc2012) to discuss matters concerning the denomination. This is also the elected body that determines the governing policies of how the UMC operates. Everything from clergy salaries & pensions, ordination process to the denomination’s stance on issues of homosexuality. This is the body empowered to bring about real change, the question is, does meaningful change really have a chance?

So, with the thought of change on my mind, over the coming weeks I am going to post some thoughts on change as it relates to The United Methodist Church at the General Conference, Annual Conference, District, and Local Church levels. Personally, I know more about certain levels than others but that’s what makes this conversation so interesting, you can help fill in the gaps. Of course there will be things that are a priority to me that won’t be for you, which changes would you like to see in the UMC? If you’re not a part of the UMC, which changes would you like to see in your denomination or church?