January 16, 2012

MLK Day & the Church

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day has me thinking about the phrase, "The most segregated hour of the week." This is referencing Sunday mornings in the Church. I'm curious to hear your thoughts...

Do you think this is the case? Why or why not?
If Sunday mornings really are the most segregated hour, is this a good or bad thing?
How do we go about changing this if it isn't the way it should be?


PJ Zeilstra said...

I do think that churches are typically segregated, but I don't think that they are any more segregated than any other parts of our lives. I have found that churches typically resemble the surrounding neighborhoods.

Also, people of different ethnicities, or ther types of groups, age being a good example, tend to worship differently. For example, I admire the enthusiasm of a typcial Southern Baptist service and sometimes wish I felt comfortable being a little more, shall we say, vocal. But, the bottom line is that I was not raised that way, so it would take more time than I would probably take to feel comfortable in that type of church.

I don't know if there is a way to change this except to deliberatly move or attend a church that is not in our local neighborhood. The only other thing we can do is to invite everyone we can, regardless of any classification to chruch and try to make them feel welcome.