January 14, 2012

Crossroads Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVI is coming to Indianapolis, the "Crossroads of America." I live a short drive away from downtown Indy and have worked in northeast Indianapolis for nearly 10yrs now. I have lived in the Midwest my entire life (grew up in Michigan, lived in Indiana the past 15yrs) and have never regretted it. Sure I've been other places...South America, New York City, West Coast, Gulf Coast, the South...and yet when I think about living somewhere else, I find myself not wanting to leave.

My wife and I have plenty of friends and family who have left the Midwest only to return or count down the days until they could. I find it oddly satisfying how often individuals hate on the Midwest, and Indiana specifically, only to long to be back.

I am excited about the opportunities the Super Bowl will bring to highlight the great city of Indianapolis and the Midwest in general. It's about time the rest of the country recognizes the Midwest has plenty to offer.

Visit Indy has a great list of events happening around the city during Super Bowl XLVI. Know of other events we can't miss? Tell us!


Carol L. said...

I have no events to contribute yet but yes I was gone for 18 years and longed to move back to Indianapolis. It's my kind of town. I also have also lived other places: Omaha, California, Northern Illinois and traveled mostly for work. But I'm glad to be back and also look forward to seeing our city shine for the Super Bowl. I just wish we were IN the game itself!

kerushing said...

You should check out http://www.indianapolissuperbowl.com for lots of Super Bowl information and events. You may also be interested in the Super 46 sandwiches: http://www.in.gov/visitindiana/super46/ And I would just like to point out that the nickname of the Super Bowl Village is "Epicenter of Awesome," so obviously you can't miss it.

I'm really excited for Indianapolis to be shown off to the rest of the country too. With the stadium right downtown and everything you could want within walking distance, it seems that Indianapolis is an ideal Super Bowl location. I hope everything goes well and we make a good impression.

kerushing said...

Totally forgot to mention http://www.idadaartpavilion.com/ temporary art installation happening at the old State Museum, now through the Super Bowl.

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