February 27, 2008

Rebuilding The Wall

Over the past couple Saturdays, a few of us from our young adult group at church had the opportunity to do some community service with a local organization here in Indianapolis called Rebuilding The Wall. This is an organization that buys run down houses in the urban neighborhoods of the city, completely renovates the house and then sells it back to people from the community for a reduced price ending the cycle of poverty by putting equity into the hands of these families. It's a process that can take 2-4yrs per house from start to finish but seeing the impact this makes in the community is worth a lifetime.

If there is anything one picks up on from reading the Gospels it is the relationship of love and how much Jesus loves the poor and oppressed and calls His disciples to love them as well. I was talking with one of my friends tonight about this very thing and he brought up a good point about how easy it is for people to be blinded by their "richness" so that they don't or won't sympathize with the poor. It is impossible to ignore the responsibility to care for the less fortunate that is found in Scripture, too bad it has become so easy for many of us today...