February 7, 2008

Super Tuesday

I'm not sure who noticed or cared, though it would seem almost impossible to not have heard this past Tuesday referred to as "Super Tuesday" because of the more than 20 states that were holding primaries and caucuses. In an attempt to come closer to deciding who would be the respective candidates from the two parties for president, only the Republican results were decisive. On the Democratic side, nothing was decided other than proving that this will continue to be a close race.

While I have been more intrigued in this primary season more than any I have lived through let us not forget about those whose lives were literally turned upside down that day by the severe storms that hit Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee. Countless people lost family members, friends and loved ones as 56 people died as a result of these storms that swept through the South. Being engaged in the political process of our country is a responsibility we all have as a citizens as well as Christians, in the same way, and maybe even more so, we have a responsibility to reach out to those in need as do the very politicians we are voting into office. I think it will truly earn the title of "Super Tuesday" when our politicians rise up and take a stand for those in need.