February 5, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

If you are one of the unfortunate New England Patriots fans then you may want to start getting use to the reference of one of the biggest upsets in sports history. With only 1 game to go to be the first NFL team to go 19-0 and lose it by a New York Giants touchdown in the final seconds of the Super Bowl this past Sunday must be a double-whammy. Not only did the Patriots not make history by having an undefeated season but they also lost the championship game.

I'm not sure if you were one of the 97.5 million people that watched the game Sunday but if you were, you might have found it to be rather boring. Don't get me wrong, I'm pumped the Giants won but they did it with little excitement, rather it was hard-nosed football with solid defense. To be honest, what really kept me watching the game were the commercials and I was curious to see how Tom Petty's halftime performance would be.

Tom Petty did fine, played a few of his popular songs and avoided any wardrobe malfunctions. The commercials overall I found to be pretty funny. The E*Trade baby ones were hilarious and my favorite by far (make sure to check those out). Bud Light had one or two that were pretty funny as did Tide and Pepsi. If you missed any, you can find them at www.myspace.com/superbowlads. Let us know which ones made you laugh.


Andy said...

I disagree with all of that. I thought the commercials were the boring part of the event. As a sports fan I an offended that you say the commercials were the best part, but when you conform to society and go to a super bowl party you get a distorted view of the event. I suggest that next year you watch the game by yourself and see it you have a similar experience.

In my opinion the game wasn't an upset, the better team won. Eli's last drive tops any brady drive in his whole career.

In the end this was a great display of American sports. The reading of the Declaration of Independence at the beginning of the telecast gave me chills to last through the game. Though jordan sparks lip synced the Star Spangled Banner (very un American) it will show the rest of the world for our country and our sports.

Matt said...

andy - thanks for the read and comment. a couple thoughts in response...

*you obviously are passionate about sports, which is cool and i can appreciate. i am also a sports fan and even played some competitively back in the day but probably not quite as passionate as you.

*i'm confused a little by the "conform to society" part of your comment. is the "conforming" taking place by going to the party or by liking the commercials or do i only like the commercials because i'm at the party?

*agreed that Eli's last drive was arguably one of the best in super bowl history.

*i missed the reading of the DoI but have no doubt it was very patriotic. i like that it touched you so deeply.

Andy said...

The going to the party. It makes sense in my head, i think.