April 6, 2008


In a culture where you can find iPods, iTV, iPhones and all sorts of other "i" stuff and virtually all of which is customizable to fit one's personality, needs or wants I started wondering if we have become "iChristians" following an "iJesus".

Is it possible that in this culture of custimization and convenience that we have customized the message and person of Jesus? Keeping the things that we like or that seem to work for us at the time while conveniently glossing over the rest. Yeah I'll take some forgiveness, mercy, love and hope but I think I'm good on accountability and the whole serving-others thing.

In the 6th chapter of John we see this interesting exchange between Jesus and some of his disciples. They have been listening to Jesus' teachings for some time now and are overheard saying, "This stuff is hard." BINGO! It is not easy to be like Jesus, especially in a culture that is dominated by "I" but heaven forbid we turn Jesus into a bobble-head doll that nods his head up and down when it's convenient for us...

*Bobble-head doll pictured above is currently sitting on my desk