May 6, 2008

Indiana's Turn

For those of us lucky enough to live in Indiana (and you can take that however you like) today is our chance to vote in the ongoing and seemingly endless primary race. With yard signs displaying the names of those running for the local school board, state governor, president of the U.S. and everything in between my wife and I got up nice and early to avoid the rush at the polls. We've been hearing on the news about 200,000 new registered voters in Indiana and how everyone is expecting record setting voter turnout but I'm guessing that must be for those that arrive to the polls after 8am because our polling site was fairly empty.

I'm hoping that you have or will take advantage of the opportunity to be involved in the political process because it is not only your freedom and right but also your duty and responsibility. There is something to say about standing in front of your ballot with the names of the candidates listed there that connects you with something bigger. It's not very often that I think of myself as being involved with the thing that is "The United States of America" except for when I vote. The machine seems so big and yet somehow I feel empowered to think that my little vote can make a difference...and maybe it will.