May 1, 2008

The Old Switch-a-roo

This morning one of Indiana's superdelegates, Joe Andrew, switched his allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama and was calling for Clinton to step out of the race after the Indiana and North Carolina primaries. Some are making the argument that the prolonged and increasingly divisive race for the Democratic nomination is hurting the party and their chances in November. My guess is that the Republican party is loving the way things are playing out in the Democratic race and couldn't have planned it any better.

And so the question becomes, when is enough enough? Do you think one of the Democratic candidates should drop out of the race for the sake of the party? It would seem pretty hard to come this far in the process, spend a ridiculous amount of money and be on the verge of making history only to drop out of the race. What I think is interesting is that on one side you have Clinton supporters using the numbers of popular vote, delegates and superdelegates to make an argument as to why she should not only remain in the race but would be the best opponent to face John McCain in November and on the other side Obama supports use the very same numbers to argue that he is clearly the people's choice and should be the Democratic nominee in November.

While I do have a favorite amongst the three remaining candidates I'm finding myself starting to care less about the race and more about just wanting it to be over because it's getting exhausting. Unfortunately as far as American politics go, it seems like enough is never enough.