May 29, 2008

Karma Police

So I'm sure most of us have heard of the actress Sharon Stone, most likely as a result of her great acting abilities that were made evident in the movie Basic Instinct, which she then followed up a number of years later with an equally stellar performance in Basic Instinct 2. Well, believe it or not, this incredible actress has fallen out of the good graces of the majority of citizens in China due to some remarks she made about the earthquake there that killed over 68,000 people being a result of bad karma. There are 2 things that I find interesting about this news story...

1. The idea of karma doesn't really make sense to me for this reason: if karma is a result of the things we do, and it is quite obvious that no one is good, nice or selfless all of the time; then it would seem that we all deserve bad things to happen to us according to the law of karma. I'm sorry but I'm not down with something that leaves it all up to me and the things I say or do because if that's the case, then I'm hopeless.

2. And this I think is just hilarious really....Why would or should the country of China, its citizens and especially its government officials, care in the least what Sharon Stone says about them, their policies (this is certainly not to say that their policies shouldn't be addressed) or their karma as if any of us in this country listen to the things she says? Even to the point that the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry felt it necessary to comment on? Really? We're talking about the same Sharon Stone right? My advice to China is to brush up on their knowledge of Hollywood Films before they feel like they have to defend themselves to an at-best-cameo-appearance actress. I mean, why don't they care what I have to least I wasn't in Basic Instinct or the somehow worse sequel?