May 18, 2009


Frustration is annoying. Have you ever gotten frustrated with something that someone caught the brunt of it? You know those times when you are working with this or that, maybe it's a car or a computer or wood siding on your house, and it isn't going like it should and you can feel the frustration level begin to rise?? I'm not sure if the "wood siding" gave it away but I've been running into this the last couple days as Tai and I continue to work on refinishing our house.

It really doesn't make any sense for me to get so frustrated about the fact that the wood siding cracks or splits when I try to replace it. And it makes even less sense in situations like these to allow someone else to be impacted by our frustrations. It is not their fault and they have done nothing to deserve the dumb things we say or do as a result of our frustrations, whatever the cause. The ones we love the most are typically the ones that see us at our most frustrated and as a result experience some collateral damage. Weird how that works. Not cool or fair but certainly weird...or maybe unfortunate is a better word to use.

I don't get frustrated like this often but whenever it does happen an apology is not far behind. The majority of the time those apologies are headed in Tai's direction because of her willingness to put up with me. This made me often, if ever, do you think God gets frustrated with us? Do apologies follow close behind?


Holly said...

told my dad about your comment about giving you da boot in safety patrol...his reply, "oh my, I kicked him off?!"

maybe when your 70, you'll forget too!

hope you post a few photos of the completed project when it's finished. I am sure all the frustration will pay off!

Matt Lipan said...

Holly: thanks for the read and comment. i was guessing that your dad wouldn't even remember who i was so i give him a lot of credit.

i'm hoping to post some pics of our progress up to this point...i would like to think it's looking much better than when we started but i'm probably biased.