May 28, 2009

"Is God Dead? Or Just Not Riding The Bus?" posted an article today entitled "Is God Dead? Or Just Not Riding The Bus?". I was intrigued at first but as I read the article I noticed that it ended up being about how atheists want the freedom to spend thousands of dollars to advertise they are atheists. I have absolutely no issue with people who want to share their opinions and views, or even those who want to spend a lot of money to do so because that is one of the foundational freedoms of our country.

I guess the part I'm confused about is why would they spend all of that time, energy and resources to convey a message of the even harder work involved in disbelieving. The article says, "The ads are designed to show lonely atheists that they do not walk alone — and they can go on disbelieving." Can you imagine how difficult it must be to convince yourself day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute that you don't believe in the Creator? That most, if not everything you see is a result of randomness? Man, and some people think having faith is hard work...

I have to give credit to Steven Gray because the title of his article certainly got my attention and even caused me to click on his link but come on...God...dead...really? The whole idea that somehow someone or something can kill God is really just funny to me. What are we going to kill God with, our magic opinion bullets?