May 26, 2009

It's Getting There

A few pics I took today w/my phone to show our progress in the rip-off-the-aluminum-siding-and-redo-the-wood-siding-underneath project. We are trying to get as much ready as possible so the scrapping, priming and painting can start later this week. We decided to rip down the soffit to expose the cool looking wood underneath and built custom attic vents of our own. Looks much better but needless to say it's been quite the project.

And here are a couple pics of "The Green Monster" least that's what we call it.


sarah said...

! which one of those blues are you going with? -sarah n

Matt Lipan said...

sarah: hey! we decided to go with "denim blue" which is the darker blue directly underneath the window.

seem ok?