March 1, 2010

Don't Miss Out

If you are a Christian, in exactly 34 days you will have an opportunity that you really don't want to miss out on. It's as if every year the calendar lays in our laps the chance to tell someone about the Easter story. I know for many of us sharing our faith is not something that comes easily but I what other point in the year is the story laid out so simply for us to share with others? Don't get me wrong, Christmas is important (and certainly one of my favorite times of year) but we have to fight with credit cards, presents and consumerism to share our part of the story. Not as much with Easter.

My challenge for you is to begin preparing now in order to take advantage of the opportunity that will present itself in just a few short weeks. Ask God for opportunities to share the Easter Story and not to miss them when they come. If you've been looking for an "excuse" to invite someone to church, Easter just might be it.


Steve and Andrea LaMotte said...

Matt- Good post. NT Wright really hit Easter home in "Surprised By Hope." In his last chapter he challenged clergy to make Easter a week long celebration rather than just a day. This really helped me think of Easter as more than a celebration day- but entering a season of thanksgiving and celebration for the resurrection and the new life it brings!

Matt Lipan said...

Steve and Andrea LaMotte: thanks for the read and comment.

interesting point about Easter as a week long celebration, especially in light of the Passion events. i agree with you that we need to do a better job of focusing on the aspect of 'new life' that Easter brings. not just the 'new life' itself but the possibility to actually experience it.

great thoughts, thanks for sharing.