March 3, 2010

The Avett Brothers

Until a few months ago I had never heard of The Avett Brothers but thanks to a good friend (@bhsmith1) I was introduced to their music. Not only have I become a fan of their tunes but I had the chance to see their show this past Sunday night (2/28) at the Murat Centre Egyptian Room in downtown Indianapolis.

Decent venue but honestly, the show these guys put on made the venue irrelevant. Not only was the opening act one of the best openers I have seen, The Low Anthem, but the show overall was solid. The mix was perfect, the guys were energized and the set list was everything I was hoping it might be. A total of 21 songs with each song full of passion and energy that left me wanting more.

Their style of bluegrass mixed with folky rock combined with vocal harmonies that only brothers can provide was powerful. You could feel the vulnerability and passion in their lyrics, hear it in their voices and see it on their faces. It was a beautiful reminder to me of God's ability to use music to connect with a person, even the "secular" kind. I like to think that God is able to use good music as well as "Christian" music. I walked away from that show wishing it wasn't over and feeling like I had just experienced church. I look forward to seeing them again, hopefully sooner as opposed to later.