March 28, 2010


We all want to be around people we think are wise because we hope some of their wisdom will rub off on us, and maybe it does? Wisdom can take many forms but typically it comes to life in one these three ways:

1) thought: gaining of knowledge
2) discussion: teaching, encouraging and accountability (sometimes that means knowing when to be silent, Job 13:5)
3) action: the way we conduct ourselves in everyday life (if we are truly wise, we'll prove it by the way we act, Matthew 11:19)

A few other thoughts...
-We read a lot about the wisdom of King Solomon (I Kings 3; 10:23-25) and how great it was and yet, Jesus is greater still (Matthew 12:42).

-Jesus is Wisdom (Matthew 11:2-19).

-Wisdom beckons us to follow (Matthew 11:25-30).