March 27, 2009

The Cost of Faith

While spending some time in my daily devotions this morning I came across this thought around the story of God testing Abraham's faith in Genesis 22 that I thought was pretty powerful.

An act of pure faith is the death of what we love most so it may be offered to the loved one because only love is stronger than death...

The God Who Comes by Carlo Carretto


Anonymous said...

All of us are invited to die to our own self-importance, our own selfishness, our own limitations. We are invited to die to our own exclusiveness. . . Our invitation to die is also one to rise to new life, to community, to communion, to a full life without fear. I suppose it would be difficult to estimate what it is people fear most—death or resurrection.-John Main, OSB

Matt said...

Anonymous: thanks for the read and comment. great quote!

what an interesting question..."what it is people fear most-death or resurrection"

thanks for sharing