March 5, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback?

On my way into the office today I was listening to the news on NPR and in between the news of GM nearing bankruptcy and the poor leadership of AIG I caught a glimmer of's true friend Captain Planet is making a comeback! I'm not sure how you feel about this or how many of you even know who Captain Planet is but this could be HUGE not only for the environment but also for the economy(?). Think of all the new action figures that will need to be made, not to mention the solar powered flashlights (figure that one out).

And so the million (or maybe billion if you've recently received any sort of bailout) dollar question is...Which one of the 'Planeteers' would you be and why?


kyle said...

earth, wind, fire, water, or heart... hard decision...

I'm going to have to say heart, because talking to animals would be sweeeet

Matt said...

kyle: thanks for the read and comment. "talking to animals would be sweeeet"...ha, hilarious!

i am torn between water and fire, it's a toss-up for me but to be honest, i'm leaning toward water.