March 22, 2009

Henderson Settlement Day 5

A day filled with some more odd jobs around the settlement, a really nice hike into the woods near the reservoir and about 7hrs of making & canning apple butter. It was cold in the morning but warmed up as the day went on to a sunny and comfortable 58 degrees. Perfect weather for standing around a giant copper kettle that is sitting over a wood fire stirring the ingredients of said apple butter. After the apple butter was made, we had the chance to enjoy a great hike in the hills behind the settlement. I might have actually like that hike better than the one we did on Wednesday but either way it was a good time. Here are some more iPhone pics to enjoy...

Devotional Challenge Day 5:
In order to discern God's will, we need to be walking with Him daily. We already know His will; His Word tells us that it is to love God with everything we are, love everyone more than ourselves and to follow Jesus. Being and staying connected to the true Vine (Devotional Challenge Day 1) makes it that much easier to discern God's will in our lives.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, I am loving these blogs with the mini-devo's. I hope you guys really are having a sweet time down there, it looks like you are.
Good luck with the rest of your week!

Matt said...

Little Dinny: thanks for the read and comment. i'm glad you are liking the posts and "mini-devo's". we ended up having a great week and i think God even did some things in and through us. so, good times