March 24, 2009

Mind Clutter

Things that are currently "cluttering" my mind as I sit on my porch, in no particular order...

-I think sitting on my screened-in porch is one of my favorite places to be, especially when it rains, though it's not raining right now.

-Johnny Cash's recording of "Wanted Man" is good.

-Johnny Cash in general is good.

-At times I seem so easily distracted from Jesus. We are 4 weeks into Lent and I almost forgot it was Lent. I'm lame.

-I know I spent the last week in the hills of southeastern Kentucky but I may have missed when greed became status-quo.

-Feedback is such an interesting thing. We often desire it but then don't know how to respond when we get it, especially if it's honest. What if we gave honest feedback to each other and were open to receiving honest feedback about ourselves from others.

-Spending an hour at a BMV branch downtown can be quite an experience as well as provide some much needed perspective.

-I wonder if I would like the new U2 album. I heard it wasn't that great.

-Have you ever wished you lived in a different era? I think I could have really liked 1945 to 1965 for some reason. The main one being "Ol' Blue Eyes" and the rest of the Rat Pack.

Feel free to add your comments or clutter if you feel so inclined.