January 2, 2008

An Almost New Year's Baby

So today happens to be my 29th birthday. Now I don't say this to get special birthday greetings from anyone but simply to state that today is my birthday. Being born on the 2nd day of January makes for a really long year without any sort of excuse to break up the year like those of you born in May, June or July (luckies).

And since today is my birthday, I will take this opportunity to share my feelings on two particular things related to being born on this day (all in and for, fun). The first one has to do with never having a birthday that was celebrated at school. Remember when most of the kids in your class were able to bring in some sort of homemade treat to celebrate their birthdays? And because of this little treat, all the other kids in class really liked you, at least for that day. Maybe you were one of those kids that had the opportunity to bring in treats for your classmates, I however was not because we were always still on Christmas break. Unfortunately, I never could use the birthday treat trick to get my classmates to like me and when I would ask the teacher if I could bring in a treat after break, she would give me a look like "But no one would know why you were handing out those brownies?"

The second thing is in regards to its proximity to Christmas. I mean baby Jesus is cool and all but what about baby Matt? (j/k of course) I like to think that I am beyond the age of wanting "stuff" but there was a time when I wanted to get lots of presents and that came all at one time during the year for me, having a birthday just 8 days after Christmas. Though my parents have always been pretty good about not combining my gifts, I know there were some who used these 8 days as an excuse to roll two legitimate gifts into one. Now, having said this, I will admit there were times when I would use this to my advantage when I wanted something really big. So I guess you win some, you lose some.