January 14, 2008

To Serve and Protect

We had a surprise birthday party for my dad up in Michigan this past weekend (which I might make some comments on later) and on my way home yesterday I got pulled over by an Indiana State Trooper. A couple of details concerning this "adventure", to quote one of my sisters...I was driving south on US 31, posted speed limit is 60mph, I have no idea where the trooper was or where he came from, I usually set my cruise for about 8-9mph over the speed limit.

Trooper Patty pulled me over and quickly mentioned that he had pulled me over for speeding and then asked if I knew the speed limit. I replied by stating that it was 60 and answered his question of how fast I was going by saying 68 or 69mph. Trooper Patty said he clocked me going 72mph and then asked for my license and registration. After a few minutes, he returned with a written warning and told me to be careful as I pulled back onto US 31. Once back on the road, Trooper Patty sped past me while giving a short but polite wave as he continued his mission of service and protection.

What makes this a blog-worthy story, in my opinion, is that Trooper Patty was one of, if not the nicest police officer I have ever encountered. He was extremely polite from the very beginning of our time together. He laughed and joked with me but was still very professional and certainly made the point that I was driving, in his judgment, too fast. He did not keep me waiting long as he checked out my information and I like to think regardless of whether I got a ticket or not, it was one of the more enjoyable times I've dealt with the law. I found myself having a certain respect for Trooper Patty that I might not have had otherwise if he had been a trooper with something to prove. So here's to you Indiana State Trooper Patty for serving and protecting all of us so well and doing it with a smile.