January 8, 2008


It's about 60 degrees and raining today and one might think that's odd for Indiana in January but for those of us who have lived in the Midwest for any length of time, you come to expect anything at any time when it comes to the weather.

I have always loved the rain. I might even like it more than when it's sunny out. I remember growing up in Michigan watching the rain fall from my living room window or opening the garage door, pulling out a lawn chair and setting it right at the edge of the dry garage and the wet driveway. I love the smell, sound, sight of rain. I'm not sure I can explain it really but there is something about rain that causes me to pause for a moment and contemplate the things of life. Nothing breaks up a stressful workday better than taking a couple minutes to sit outside under the canopy and watch the rain.

Rain carried a lot of significance in the Bible. With it came both judgment and blessing, flood and harvest. It falls on the just and unjust, it does not discriminate. I think sometimes we get caught up on the why of the "rain" in our lives and forget that sometimes it just rains, and sometimes with the rain comes blessing.