January 5, 2008

The Replays Play List

You may have noticed I added 'The Replays Play List' to my blog and now I'm hoping you will allow me to explain exactly what it is...

Do you ever run across a song that when it comes on the radio or your mp3 player you find yourself thinking "I wouldn't mind hearing that song again right now." and if you have the ability to do so, you hit the [previous] button and replay it? There are a handful of songs that, when they come up as I'm listening to the album they are on, I replay the song because I like it so much. Maybe this is something that no one else experiences but for whatever reason, these few songs evoke some sort of emotion that compels me to play the song over and over.

So I decided I would post some of the songs that do this to me and let you either: a) check them out for the first time if you haven't heard them, b) agree with me that these are worthy 'replay' songs, c) disagree with me saying that these songs don't deserve a 'replay', or d) suggest songs for me to check out that should be on my 'replay' list. I look forward to hearing your thoughts or maybe your own 'Replays Play List' because I'm always looking for new music to add to my library. Hope you enjoy checking out this list even half as much as I enjoyed putting it together.