January 10, 2008

Election Year

Unless you live in a cave without wireless internet or outside the U.S. and don't care about our politics, which is understandable, than I would find it hard to believe that you have not seen or heard something about the presidential election process. The process is in full swing as Republicans and Democrats try to decide who will be their candidate to take their party into the White House come November. Recently, I have found this process to be quite interesting and containing more drama than the 8 different CSI's and Law & Order's combined.

I don't know where your political views fall but I'm hoping that if you call yourself a Christian you will be taking the time to research and compare the candidates and plan on getting out to vote come November. I am certainly not saying that God is a Democrat or Republican but I do think we have a responsibility as Christians to be involved in the political process, wherever your vote may fall. So this election season...pay attention, pray and vote!