January 17, 2008

Could Peace Really Happen?

President Bush made his first visit to Israel/Palestine last week in an attempt to motivate peace between the Israeli and Palestinian people. Regardless of why you think Bush actually went there (as many have claimed it was a last ditch effort to salvage some sort of legacy for his presidency) the idea of peace in the Middle East is one that everyone can jump on board with. The time line of seeing this happen within a year seems a little optimistic but I'm all about having goals.

How this peace will come about will be something to watch but I think President Bush made a strong point when he urged Israel to end the 40yr occupation of the West Bank. I must admit that I was somewhat surprised at Bush's pro-Palestinian comments, something that the extremely pro-Israeli media and lobbyists here in the U.S. couldn't have liked much. It's about time we consider both sides of the story instead of allowing ourselves to be "media-ed" into thinking that Israel can do no wrong or somehow the people of Palestine don't matter.

This is a region that is rich in cultural and religious history. As a Christian, it seems to me that we should be concerned about the welfare of all the region's people, hoping and praying that peace can be something to be realized by all nations and all peoples, not just the ones lobbyists or the media deem worthy.


Dinnys Thoughts said...

i agree... Its about time we stop funding everyones agendas over their when their agendas conflict each other.

alison said...

Dear dinnys thoughts,

Whose agendas are you referring to, specifically? Is this more of a general statement or is it in reference to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict?


It's kind of sad it took Bush 7 years to finally make it over there.